Wallpaper information

Non-woven wallpaper

Do you want beautiful wallpaper on your walls, but would you like to have this done quickly and easily? Then you can get the non-woven wallpaper! Non-woven wallpaper does not need soaking time, so you can quickly decorate your entire wall. This way you don’t have to bother with a wallpaper table, because the glue can be smeared directly onto the wall.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper has a lot of advantages. With this wallpaper you can easily apply it yourself with the right wallpaper glue suitable for heavier wallpaper. You can optionally add this glue to your order on the product pages of a wallpaper design. Vinyl wallpaper can be easily removed from the wall. In addition, your vinyl wallpaper can be cleaned with water, ideal if you have children or pets. Vinyl wallpaper has either a top layer of vinyl or consists entirely of this material. This means it can withstand cleanage with a damp cloth or some splash water. That is also the reason why you could also choose vinyl wallpaper for your kitchen and bathroom.