Poster on Dibond

Poster on dibond

Are you looking for wall decorations that stand out, then you’re in the right place with a poster on dibond. The full color printing jumps off the plate. Our posters on dibond are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Dibond plates are light plates that are made up of three layers. The outer layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminum and the core is made of black plastic, also called polyethylene. The entire plate is 3 mm thick.

Dibond is an aluminum sandwich plate that is rigid and very lightweight due to this construction and also durable. Due to the excellent product properties for indoor and outdoor use, a poster on dibond is a perfect choice for your poster in the living room or in the garden.

The dibond posters are available with two mounting systems: the standard stainless steel spacers in all 4 corners or a mounting plate on the rear for mounting with one screw.