Poster on acoustic panel

Acoustic panels with unique designs

Good acoustics in (living) rooms and offices ensures optimum sound. A “hard” interior has a long reverberation and causes irritation and fatigue among people who live or work in such a room and have to make themselves understood. A pleasant acoustic environment reduces stress and this improves concentration. The acoustic panels help with this and create a pleasant (working) environment.

Externally and internally in perfect coherence

With Acoustic panels, the printed fabric is glued with acoustic material. The whole is in a unique anodized aluminum frame of 3 cm thick. You will receive a complete set that you no longer have to assemble yourself. You get the most optimal result when you hang the whole on walls with the help of a hanging plate. Acoustic panels come to hang 2 cm from the surface and this provides extra damping thanks to the air cavity.

Made from recycled jeans

The Acoustic panel is made up of four different layers. The top layer has a sharp print and special point bonding, so that the structure remains open for sound absorption. After a sound-permeable intermediate layer that dampens the mid-tones, comes the acoustic material. This is 90% made from the cotton fibers of mechanically recycled jeans. This means that the textile is pulled apart by a machine to a fiber level. The long fibers of cotton ensure that sound waves are well absorbed. This ensures that noise pollution is drastically reduced and the reverberation reduced. The whole is also closed with sound-damping mid-tones. The combination of the right materials and structure of the panel ensure that the α value of 0.65 is achieved. You will find more information in the graph below.

View some images of the material below.