Hanging systems

Stainless steel spacers

With the 4 stainless steel spacers you attach your aluminum, dibond or plexiglass poster at a distance of 15 mm to the wall. Your images and posters seem to float as a result. Be careful not to damage the plate when tightening, for example use a cloth. The plates are supplied with 4 drill holes in the corners with which you can attach the spacers.

self-adhesive hanging plate

With a (self-adhesive) mounting plate you can easily attach aluminum or dibond posters to the wall with just one screw. The suspension plate comes with caps that ensure that the poster hangs straight on the wall at a distance of approximately 5 mm. This suspension system is available for all sizes of dibond and aluminum, and is also suitable for plexiglass up to a size of 80 x 120 cm (due to the weight of plexiglass and bearing capacity of the suspension plate).

Blind frame

Thanks to the strong aluminum blind mounting system you can attach panels with a smooth surface such as brushed aluminum, dibond and plexiglass to the wall. Because the frame is not visible, the print on your client’s wall really comes to life and you create a 3D effect. The square frame is made of anodized aluminum, has a J-profile and is equipped with corner pieces to spread the bearing surface. The frame has a profile thickness of 1.8 cm and the double-sided tape ensures that you can stick the profile to the panel.

HD Metal frame

HD metal consists of a thin aluminum plate on which ink is applied using a special technique. The plate comes with a sturdy frame at the rear with which it can be hung directly. Suitable for indoors and weatherproof for outdoors in the garden.

Canvas hanging system

Your canvas is fixed on a sturdy wooden frame with stretchers. The wooden frame is 2 centimeters thick and comes standard with a free suspension set. The sturdy wooden frame is so light that you only need one or two screws or nails to hang it on the wall, depending on the size.